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Cinnamon & Lemonade

Brand new single from MilcMan and Cannon


Bad Breath

Cannon Cooley & MilcMan

Cannon's sophomore album (entitled "Bad Breath") is a 5-song collaboration with college classmate Marc Altimari, better known as "MilcMan." The two young artists decided to use their time in quarantine to write and produce these songs entirely virtually. MilcMan's hip hop and blues guitar influences are the driving colors connecting each song to the next. Yet, no one song is distinctly similar to another. Just like "Memory Box.", there's a good chance any listener will find something to love on this album.

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Cannon Cooley's Debut Album

Memory Box is Cannon Cooley's first published album. It includes songs written over the course of Cannon's childhood, all the way up to his graduating college. From stories about romance and heartbreak, to "Walks of Shame," Cannon sings about real experiences in his life. He hopes to resonate with as many people as he can by utilizing various distinct musical styles, including alternative, pop, hip hop, rap, and more.  

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