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Funding a journey like this isn't easy, especially right out of college -- which is why I'm not afraid to ask for help! If you want to support my experiences, or if you enjoy my content (or both!?), I have created three easy donation options for you.

Check them out!  

If you'd like to set your own monthly donation price, you can do so under this plan!

For recurring donations, a paypal account is required. If you do not already have a paypal account, the payment window will simply ask for your email and prompt you to create a password, and BAM! You've got a paypal account. *if you're making a one-time donation, no paypal account is required.

No matter if you decide to financially support me or not, my content will always be 100% free and accessible to everyone. I am grateful for anyone who spends time reading and listening to what I have to say. Donating simply helps me keep it going! 

Thank you. 

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