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If you have landed on this website, you probably already know me in some capacity. Whether it be through business, music, family or friends, I am thrilled you are here. If you don't already know me, now would be a good chance to read below to get to know me (and this site) a little bit better!

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My Story

My full name is Buchanan T Cooley, which might be a surprise to some of you since most folks know me simply as "Cannon". And before you ask, yes my middle name is only one letter.

As the world became more and more integrated with technology, I found myself wanting a "home base" online - A platform totally under my control. a place where i could manage my businesses, market myself to the world, and post my music. and, perhaps, share my thoughts in the self-serving art-form we call ~blogging~ (in case anybody cares enough to read about things going on in my brain).


so, that's what you can find as you explore the site. Anything from managing your automatic rent payments (if you are a tenant), to reviewing my professional resume, or maybe listening to outdated culture references within a college white boy's sappy songs. 

Enjoy and don't be afraid to reach out! if you have questions, please see the contact info below.





I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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